Eleven : Eleven

by Cōpia

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Rachel Rose Mitchell
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Rachel Rose Mitchell Incredible epic symphonic metalheads from my hometown of Melbourne! The fanfare of brass backed up by heavy guitars and driving strings at the start of The Awakening sets the tone for the whole album. Favorite track: The Awakening.
Doom Metal Darryl
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Doom Metal Darryl My esteemed colleague Scumbag is right! This album is amazing. This album will be staying in my currently playlist for a long time to come. Favorite track: Worlds Align.
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Scumbag Holy hell in a handbasket!! This album has blown me so far away I'm unsure how to convey just how damn awesome it is!! If you're into any form of progressive metal whatsoever (or any kinda good music, for that matter) you simply HAVE to listen and get this!
Here's hoping they come back to Perth before too long! Favorite track: Elevate.
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released July 25, 2013

Produced by Copia
Recorded, Mixed and Engineered by Abishop



all rights reserved


Cōpia Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: The Awakening
Can we beg in to listen
And visualise
Or do we go on living to our demise
Instead of running from reality
We could rise up together
And face it
Diffuse all fear
Escape it's atmosphere
The wait is over
Are you feeling this
We've come to let you know
It's nothing mythical or biblical
We're awakening
So surrender to it all
We'll bring it to you
Can we hear the voice of au r higher self
Or are we losing sight of our destiny
We've gotta stand up
Take out the truth
Residing in us
Rise up together
And lead the way
We'll bring it to you
We're awakening
The wait is over
We'll bring it to you
Caught in a wake and we can't escape it
But the forces at work that have held us down
Will fade away
And soon we'll be floating
Rising higher
And leading the way
Track Name: Fortitude
My conscience bears the weight
Of a dark distorted fate
Nothing's set in stone
Make haste the changes
I will break away
The misconceptions of my intentions
I will leave this state
Alleviate a tainted history
I know that I have I ived
A thousand lies
And severed my emotions
Now you'll see
The best of me
I'm redefining the soldier within
Finally realized
I've been feeding my inner demons
How can I justify
Turning my back on my allies
I will break the chains
Freeing myself from disarray
I'll eliminate
The enemies that stand in my way
Where there's a will there's a way
Hold on
You'll see
Where there's a will there's a way
Broken down and paralyzed
I'm facing immanent demise
The time has come to rectify
Track Name: Hostility
A war is upon us
Aggression overload
The spiteful deception
Makes our venom flow
Severed senses let us know
We're losing self-control
Tensions poisoning the soul
It's a burden we must bear
And we don't care
But can we open up and see
All this rage has caused insanity
If this is all we've ever known
Let's immerse in the healing
Let it all overflow
A hostile surrounding
Laden with jealousy and hate
Fuelling the anger
Behind au r empty cries we
Break down
And now we waver
No trust
I know that from now on
All hope is gone
When this is over
And we've made changes
We'll start a new life
When this is ove
Track Name: Worlds Align
Can we find a way
To edify the cause
Of the cycles in existence
That reappear
Why are we holding on
To the echoes in the distance
Never letting go
Won't let go
'Cause our worlds keep aligning
As the gravity pulls us in
Out of the chaos we'll unify
Leaving our past behind
After the rain will come the sun
To dissipate the mist surrounding us
But the sun never seems to shine for too long
And we're right back where we started
Questioning where it all went wrong
Taken away from all this peril
We're shifting our direction
And never letting go
Won't let go
We can break down these walls
We've built around us
I will confide in you
Never let go
I will confide in you
Never let go
Track Name: Ego
I can hear it
Breaking the silence
Darkness holding so true
Restless nights bring temptation and violence
Distant fragments of you
Conversations with my silent deceiver
Always stand in my way
I heed my inner misguided believer
Selfish Ia les resonate
Now it feels like I'm alive
The fire inside has started to rise
Sensations are in overdrive
The signs have shown me why
I can't deny the feeling
Burning through my mind
(I've searched outside for so long
Yet the answer lies inside)
Ride the wave
Savour every moment
'Till you pull me back down
Elevate to anchor my intention
'Till I'm back on the ground
Atrophy and sensory commotion
A constant tear at the heart
Colder than a stone denier of emotion
You won't let me go
I scathe
I can only define the way
Say, how I'll live out my fate
I'll search outside no longer
I can't deny my fate
Track Name: Stand United
It's fear that grows and kills the life
We're longing for all that's right
Misread the score
Get caught in the crossfire
We're resorting to compromise
Down below where the air is cold
There's a light that will keep us going
All alone, we will not let go
We won't fall out of line
No we won't fall
We'll stand united in the rise of liberty
We'll stand united in the fall of tyranny
We'll stand united 'til the end
With broken ties worlds collide
The silence is a II but gone
We'll clear the air
To see the new
And savour the blinding truth
Down below where the air is cold
All alone, we will not let go
We'll stand
We'll stand united
We'll stand united 'til the end
Track Name: Here and Now
Never let a choice you've made defeat you
As the stars will all rea I ign
I wish everything could be more see through
Without a roll of the dice to decide
Nothing wants to
Fall into place at the right pace
But it all happens in due time
We are here
In the now
Letting go
We are here
This is now
The fight to find our way home
Rationality impaired
All the reasoning is dead
When we're thin king outside of the square
Reaching out to the unknown
Taking chances that will lead us
To a place where our fear awaits
We won't go under
If we're treading water constantly
Nothing wants to
Fall into place at the right pace
But it all happens in due time
We were born into this world
Each day comes with surprise
When we're searching for something
It's best to live without regret
Or else you'll never know
What it all could have been
Track Name: Open Your Eyes
Animosity uncovered
There's a feeling of despair
Paranoia ind is cress ions
Feed the atmosphere
Our worlds collide
But I just won't give in to you
We're not through
Yeah, we can't just shake it off
Yeah, we can't just shake it off
Misdirection and deception
Hearts are on the I ine
Detach our inhibitions
Hear me
Can't you see it
You've got a dark side
Your hidden demons
Are eating me alive
Open your eyes
We've been living in a shade of grey
There's blood upon our hands
But our love will wash it away
Madness taken over
Insecurities have come to life
Time to end the violence
And break the silence
We're seething
And we're throwing it all away
The only way forward is to persist
And not just shake it off
So open your eyes
Track Name: Elevate
Unveil the hidden ail
Conjure it up to the surface
We've let it go for far too long
The time to evolve is upon us
We're living on a fault line
Of bad design
Tremors are knocking our senses
Come on let's find a way
Of escaping this place of decay
We'll rise above the vanity
When we give it all away
We'll rise above tragedy
When we give our all
We'll elevate our intention
For our salvation
Once I conceded
Surrendering all control
Now a constantly slowing ride
Starts to drag behind
I can see the anarchy overflow
We're taking a stand on the fault line
Come on let's find a way
Of escaping this place of decay
I'm over the thorn in my side
Always stealing the limelight
We never see eye to eye
There's a need to divide
We're falling for the last time
Track Name: Transcending
You've been in overdrive
And visions of the future
Were buried in a phase of self destruction
And you've been hypnotised
By the lies of institution
But a memory inside you still survives
We're starting a new life
No longer enslaved by rules we believe
But it's never over until we
Free the fallen souls
Trapped in disillusion
Transcend who we are
We're calling out for a new tomorrow
Can you clear the mind
Of tension !hats surrounding
The hour of elation has arrived
Delusions now denied
And your future with no meaning
Will wither in the lies you leave behind
It's time for a revolution
We need to redefine
It's time for a revolution
A revolution for our minds
It's time for a revolution
Break the illusion now
Unveiled for all to see
A change in our destiny
En lighten a generation
Now we've started paving the way
To our eternal destination